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Terms & Conditions


VAT at the standard rate is applicable to all charges.




Payment Terms

All cars stored at City Car Storage are subject to a minimum of 4 weeks storage charge.

Payment is one month upfront before the car is stored and then refilled on a monthly basis using all major credit/debit cards.



If your vehicle is temporarily removed from storage and the space will be required again in the near future, there will be no refund for unused storage. If your vehicle is expected to be out for a longer period of time, please contact the office to discuss.



We are unable to facilitate regular access to vehicles and therefore limit movements to at least 24 hours notice. There is no access for maintenance/valeting of vehicles except for employees or contractors of City Car Storage.



Owners should notify their insurance company of their intentions to store / place their vehicle(s) & or belongings / goods in our care. Owners must ensure that their vehicle(s) & or belongings / goods are insured & remain so for fire, theft and accidental damage whilst in our care, where applicable. We can provide insurance cover through our own insurers to extend our cover in respect of values or certain conditions or clients can choose to have their vehicles insured on a individual agreed policy at a very favourable rate.

Please note

We must be made aware of vehicles that have a unique value. We must be made aware of vehicles that have or require any special conditions of insurance cover.


Valet Services

We offer a range of services to ensure that your car is kept in fantastic condition and is ready for you to drive away after storage. Prices start at £30.00 for an external valet.

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